Francesco Miglino —

I swear I am not about to tell you a bad joke — but what do an astronaut, a doctor, and a director of a non-profit have to do with each other?

They all need your urgent help today. Each is in a tight race and polling shows they can win. Problem is they are being outspent by the Republicans and their Super PACs. Will you help them raise the urgent funds they need to stay on the air and fight Republican attacks in this critical final stretch?

Jose Hernandez – Jose is an astronaut, but his latest mission is to make sure the American Dream is there for all of our children. Born from humble beginnings, he is fighting hard in a very tight race to defeat Republican Congressman Jeff Denham.
Dr. David Gill – A trained physician, David wants to go to Congress to continue the fight for health care reform and give what he calls “strong medicine” to clean up Congress. He is in a fight ‘til the end with Republican Rodney Davis and polling shows this race as a statistical dead-heat.
Joe Miklosi – Joe directed a non-profit that delivers medical supplies to underdeveloped countries. Right now, Joe’s in a tight race in Aurora, Colorado, where he is taking on extremist Republican lawmaker Rep. Mike Coffman, a close ally of Paul Ryan and a supporter of his Medicare-ending budget. The latest polls show the race is neck-and-neck.

Thank you for helping to stand up for these fighting progressives. Every dollar you give will be put to work immediately to help them win. We know they have what it takes to win — they just need your urgent support today to make it happen!

Thanks again,

Howard Dean



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